A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

To my dear Heather, and friend, congrats on the closing of your home this week. This picture captures so much of why it was such a great journey to share with you. And thank you to Jason for the introduction and confidence you placed in me to help. It’s always special to receive referrals as it validates what I strive so hard to give my clients – a positive, happy and successful real estate experience.

Bye Bye Clover!

If you’re like me, having the perfect yard is a constant battle. Dry conditions can turn it brown. Neighbor’s dogs can turn it yellow. And weeds can destroy it. Of those three, there’s one you can control. So in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, heres a link from Scott’s that gives helpful information on controlling pesky clover. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

How Long Does it Take to Close?

For planning purposes, especially for first time home buyers, you need to know how long it may take from when you begin your search to the day you close. So in general terms, because many factors play into this timeline, it’s good to assume you’ll be looking with your REALTOR® for six to eight weeks – visiting properties and utilizing the internet. Of course inventory impacts this timetable but two months is a good start. From there, if you work with a good lender, they should be able to close on average 45 days after the seller accepts your contract. All of which means 12-14 weeks, or three to four months, is how long it might take for you to go from kicking off your search with your REALTOR® to the day you receive keys to your new home.