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Up They Go!

The Federal Reserve raised its key interest rate by 0.25 percentage point on Wednesday. It was just the third time that the Fed has increased rates since the financial crisis. In short, this means higher borrowing costs for everything from credit cards to mortgages. And looking ahead through 2017, a few more are expected. Now, […]

Waiting in the Wings?

If you are like many who are waiting in the wings to buy property, perhaps there’s no time like the present. Rates are creeping up and are expected to creep higher as the year progresses. Inventory is low and could go lower. So most industry experts are urging those clients postponing a purchase to act […]

Winning with Love

Today’s housing market can be very aggressive. If priced right, and in a great location, a property can have multiple offers. So how do you win? Beyond having an awesome agent, one way is to write a “LOVE LETTER” to the seller. Explain why you have chosen their home. In your own words, and sentiments, […]

Making Cake out of Auctions

Trying to buy a property at a probate auction sounds scary to many. Sure, there are some uncertainties, such as the price you’ll pay. But once you know the steps, what once seemed insurmountable just might be a cakewalk. For starters, find a property that has been identified as a probate auction. This usually happens […]

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

To my dear Heather, and friend, congrats on the closing of your home this week. This picture captures so much of why it was such a great journey to share with you. And thank you to Jason for the introduction and confidence you placed in me to help. It’s always special to receive referrals as […]

Seller’s Continue to Drive the Market

Spring selling season is in full force. And as expected, it continues to be a seller’s market. What does this mean exactly? For starters, we first look at inventory and how many months it would take to push through what’s current without any new listings hitting the market. In short, if there are six months […]

Bye Bye Clover!

If you’re like me, having the perfect yard is a constant battle. Dry conditions can turn it brown. Neighbor’s dogs can turn it yellow. And weeds can destroy it. Of those three, there’s one you can control. So in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, heres a link from Scott’s that gives helpful information on controlling […]

How Long Does it Take to Close?

For planning purposes, especially for first time home buyers, you need to know how long it may take from when you begin your search to the day you close. So in general terms, because many factors play into this timeline, it’s good to assume you’ll be looking with your REALTOR® for six to eight weeks […]