• About David

My History

For over 15 years, I was a brand creative marketing professional for companies such as McDonald’s and Pizza Hut.  I helped these organizations to position themselves within a competitive environment.  I led numerous teams, various personalities, and multi-million dollar budgets.  This experience carries over nicely into representing you, your search or the sale of your home in an ever changing market where knowledge is power and communication and leadership can make or break a deal.

My Process

When meeting new clients, I always like to share why I started selling real estate and why I believe I’m successful.  In short, I’m a Real Estate Broker because I enjoy helping my clients weave their way through a life event.  It’s not every day you buy or sell a home so being part of this experience for those who decide to work together is pretty special. I’m an effective communicator, a strong negotiator, an effective team leader and I love what I do. And I love hearing my clients share with me, as Heather did the other day, “Who knew spending half a million dollars would be so fun!” or Bill stating, “Thanks for being so thorough.”

My Passion

Before I moved back from Munich in 2008, I helped to lease our apartment.  It wasn’t necessary for me to help but I wanted to offer assistance because I enjoyed the process.  The nice couple who eventually rented our unit said to me as they walked out the door, “You should do this for a living.”  So I did and I’ve enjoyed it every day since.

Conlon Real Estate – Chicago

Chicago’s premier boutique real estate brokerage that’s proud to carry the Christie’s name and code of ethics.

Strand Hill – Los Angeles

Leading an ambitious course of innovation fuelled by a deep commitment to investing in new ideas and solutions.